Choosing the Perfect Tissot Watch

Tissot is a Swiss luxury watch company that is very popular amongst their passionate old and young followers. The Swiss watch company offers the ability to get a great quality time accessory, with a lot of function and features, for a very reasonable price. Among the company’s ambassadors are Danica Patrick, the inspiring female car racer, Michael Owen, a football hero, and Nicky Hayden, the World Champion in MotoGP. Also, among Tissot lovers are Nelson Mandela, Carmen Miranda, Sarah Bernhardt, Grace Kelly and Elvis Presley, just to name a few.

Tissot Ambassador Danica Patrick  Tissot Ambassador Nicky Hayden  Tissot Ambassador Michael Owen

When bling has become stylish in the world of fashion, Tissot watches take its place as they offer an excellent choice for every person who wants to look their best. So, how do you choose the kind of watch that you want to own? Well, there are four important things to consider in selecting the perfect Tissot watch for you.

1. What do You Want?

You’re in a situation of getting a new watch, and you want something fashionable yet functional; innovative yet “simple,” and an all-around good buy. These are the different styles to think of along with its technological advances and the various events to wear them. Furthermore, it’s going to be a daunting task in selecting just the “right” and “perfect” watch for you considering the many choices available, but at the same time, it can be entirely remarkable but how do you choose? First is you consider the kind of lifestyle you have and your intention of getting a watch. Do you see yourself playing sports than getting dressed up? These are just two of the simple questions that you should consider before buying the perfect Tissot watch either from an authorized dealer or unauthorized dealer such as the ones in the gray market.

If you are a racing fan, the smart T-Touch Nascar watch could be the best for you. It uses a real sapphire crystal for the glass material and silicon for the bracelet. Also, the dials color is a sophisticated black carbon, and the band is stylish yellow.

Tissot T-Touch Nascar Tissot T-Touch Nascar Tissot T-Touch Nascar Tissot T-Touch Nascar


If you’re more of a gentleman, the T-Touch Expert Titanium watch is something that you would consider. The band is manufactured with strong titanium materials and is great for endurance kind of sports. The another availability of the bands varies from beige leather, white silicon, and black rubber. Also, it has a compass feature that is best for adventurous people who love to explore the world.Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium


If you are one of the women who wants to have a Tissot watch, there is going to be a no problem for that since Tissot also offers watches for women. Are you the type of woman who enjoys bling? If yes, you’ll surely admire the Fabulous Garden watch from the Tissot T-Trend collection. It has pretty floral designs on the sapphire crystal glass material and on its band too. The bracelet has a stainless steel in it that gives the durability women require in today’s busy world. Other bracelet styles available come in white and red leather.

Tissot T-Trend T03112580 Tissot T-Trend T0323091603700 Tissot T-Trend T0842101111701 Tissot T-Trend T0842101611600

Also, some women enjoy the beauty of the Rapunzel style of watch. So, if you are one of them, you’ll get attracted to the Tissot T-Gold collection. The golden color of the band resembles a woman’s braided hair, giving the watch a unique, playful type of appearance. If you’re a woman likes to let their hair down after a busy day at work, you should take a look at the Rapunzel watch.

2. Where will it be Worn?

Where you plan on wearing your Tissot watch plays a significant role in determining the style of a watch to buy. A formal Tissot watch, complete with gold or sterling silver bands and diamond accents is best for formal affairs such as business dinners and high-class balls. The Heritage or Classic watch collections will be best suited for you.

Tissot T-Gold T9202077611600 Tissot T-Gold T73340321 Tissot T-Gold T9233357611600

However, if you dress up only once in a blue moon and playing tennis or golf is more your style, then the sports collection is ready for you. The Swiss watch company is the number one supporter of the Lotus racing team, the majority of their sports collection focuses on the racing theme. If you are not a racer or a racing fan, there are still other types of sports watches that you can choose.

Tissot T Race Chronograph Blue Dial Men's Watch Tissot PRS 516 Automatic Men's WatchTissot PRC 200 Chronograph Silver Dial White Leather Ladies WatchTissot PRC 200 Chronograph Mother of Pearl Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Watch

3. Lifestyle Factors

A lot of people pick a clothing based on their lifestyle so why not give your watch a chance? If you are living an active way of life, you will surely consider a watch that is robust and sturdy which can also live as hard as you do since you can’t afford to buy a series of watch that quickly breaks. On the other hand, if you live in a not so active lifestyle and favor the timeless look of jewels, then a more expensive watch will be something you may want to get.

Tissot watches show that they embrace the trends which can help your wardrobe look complete. If you are laid back and prefer the casual look, the Tissot Touch collection is for you. This collection is not only an occasional line of watches but also at the forefront of technological advances. You can switch the view from a timer to a compass, and more with just a simple touch on the watch face.

4. Budget Factors

Whatever type of watch you choose, you must never forget your budget. No matter how much you want the watch and how much it perfectly fits your personality but you cannot afford it, then it is not for you. Tissot watches can be expensive. The prices come from low to middle, so for those who are seeking men’s timepiece, affordability is your friend here but don’t go into debt whenever a piece of watch is out of your budget as it is not going to be worth it. If you want it and you obviously can afford it, then go for it and buy your perfect Tissot watch.

Have a look at all the Tissot watches on Amazon and make sure your personality and your profile suits well to the Tissot watch before you buy.

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