The Top Three Watch Collections of Seiko

Seiko is a Japan-based company founded in 1881 by Kintarō Hattori, the Japanese shop owner of watch and jewelry in Ginza area of Tokyo, Japan. The company began producing wall clocks in 1892 under the name Seikosha. Meanwhile, it was in the year 1924 where they created their first wristwatches with the brand, “Seiko.” However, Seiko is a Japanese word, which means “success” or “exquisite.” Therefore, someone can quickly say that the name Seiko, as a brand, carries reliability. Also, the same reason why most people perceived Seiko watches as very reliable timepieces.

Over the years of Seiko’s existence, the Japanese company gained its reputation that is associated now with both reliability and quality which only means that Seiko also delivers style and an element of tradition. Furthermore, Seiko played a significant watch brand both in the past and present. Back in the past, Seiko was more focused on functionality and technical excellence than style which led to the company’s depth research in movement innovation. Since then, the Japanese company made vast technological improvements and produced exquisite designs over the years.

Seiko watches for men and women won’t disappoint you as they make watches with unique design and innovative technology. The Japanese company is one of the watch brands that produces various innovations for so many years in the watchmaking. To name a few, Seiko produced their first LCD quartz watch in 1973 which can display six figures. The company also created a watch in 1984 which held digital function and in 2008, Seiko made the first ever watch that is designed exclusively for space walks. Seiko exactly made its high reputation for its innovation and innovative technology that makes this Japanese company as a tradition and heritage when it comes to their timepieces.

The achievements of this Japanese company are countless, and it has also set up numerous models. To stay competitive, Seiko applied in-house parts and developed different series of watches like quartz, mechanical, automatic and chronometers. The kinetic model of a Seiko watch is very attractive and forms a significant chunk of its sales. These watches are self-energizing with the accuracy of a quartz watch. It gets energized by the movement and energy of the wearer. What makes this watch amazing is its capability to hibernate and restart after four years presenting the accurate, current time.

The collection of Seiko watches are still dominating the television commercials, magazines, and headlines in print ads. Despite the few Seiko watch series to recognize, there are top three major collections of Seiko watches and namely, the Seiko Arctura, Seiko Sportura, and Seiko Coutura. These major collections lie the best Seiko watches has to offer. Let us take a closer detail in each of these as they have different features.

1. The Seiko Arctura has a sleek and beautiful design inspired by nature’s natural curvatures such as the arc of the rainbow or the curve of the moon, the sun, planets, and the earth itself. The word ‘Arctura’ means a durable and its aerodynamic design represents strength from the timeless beauty of the natural arc. It is the signature model for the innovative Seiko’s kinetic technology.

The Japanese company created the Seiko Arctura line of watches in 1997. Its breathtakingly bold, yet sleek design mirrors to Seiko’s unique and innovative kinetic technology. After a decade later, the Seiko Arctura incorporated many other useful features, so it is not anymore a simple collection for the kinetic technology of Seiko; the watch collection consists of chronographs, kinetic perpetual calendar watches, kinetic chronographs, the advanced Kinetic Auto Relay and much more.

The latest models of Seiko Arctura Kinetic watches pack a punch regarding innovation and refinement. The bizarre shape of the dial inspired by the arc sits safely on the wrist. The face has a scratch-resistant sapphire glass that makes the watch face apparently readable with the hour and minute hands separated from the other dials.

SNL045P1 Seiko Arctura Kinetic        SNL047P1 Seiko Arctura Kinetic   SNL049P1 Seiko Arctura Kinetic

With the combination of kinetic technology and aerodynamic design, the Seiko Arctura makes these timepieces extremely functional and low maintenance. The power to run the watch generates through the movement of the wearer’s wrist. An effective inner mechanism of the Seiko Arctura lies in its revolutionary technology which enables the watch to deliver accuracy performance for many long years.

2. The Seiko Coutura begins with an elegant design and then progresses from there. The top models in the Seiko Coutura watch collection showcase the qualities of a great Seiko watch. One of its big sellers is the Seiko Men’s Brown Dial Two-Tone Bracelet Watch which features a brown dial and stainless steel two-tone band with golden tone accents and a crown. Also, the beautiful SGEB76 Seiko Coutura watch features sapphire crystal, which protects dial from scratches, a date calendar and is a water-resistant up to 330 feet.

SGEB76 Seiko Coutura

The Seiko Men’s Coutura Alarm Chronograph Watch is another top watch of the Seiko Coutura watch collection. The SNA694 has a gold-tone band and casing, with a charcoal dial to give an excellent look to this well-crafted timepiece. Moreover, there are three subdials featured on display in making this watch as another best-seller.

SNA694 Seiko Coutura

3. The Seiko Sportura watch collection gets its inspiration from the Honda Racing Formula One Team and is one of the facts that you can see in the design of these timepieces. The Seiko Sportura Chronograph Honda Racing Team Limited Edition watch presents split-second timing in a timepiece where clarity, thanks to the non-reflective crystal and jet black dial, is unrivaled. It is constructed to be durable and stable where the case is made of steel and has a screw down back and a crown. Also, it is a scratch-resistant watch since the glass came from a sapphire, a crystal that is scratch-resistant. And, finally, it is produced on a urethane strap whose surface will withstand even the ravages of motor-oil spillages. The SNA749 is indeed an authentic sports watch. It has a chronograph that can hold up to an hour in increments of 1/5 seconds.

SNA749 Seiko Sportura

But the best of the best which is undoubtedly the Seiko Sportura Kinetic Chronograph Limited Edition timepiece. This unique watch appears with a signed Certificate of Authenticity by the Honda’s CEO and Seiko itself. With the use of Seiko’s Kinetic technology, the SLQ023 never requires a battery since its power comes from the movement of your wrist.

SLQ023 Seiko Sportura

Among all these three major watch collections of Seiko, the Japanese company still offers many different types of Seiko watches. Take some of your time to explore your style, and decide on what kind of Seiko wrist watches would best compliment it. Moreover, considering the advancements of these timepieces, you will make the most out of them when you make your next wrist watch purchase.

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