3 Remarkable Things About Rolex

It is not much of a surprise that a company like Rolex has gained a very high reputation. Rolex is a universe of its own: honored; cherished; appraised and acknowledged across the globe. Even to those who are the least concerned with luxury watches and to those who never worn or own a Rolex watch can tell that the company’s watches display high price tags, and are one of the bests in the world but are Rolex watches really the best? Well, there are three remarkable things that every Rolex and watch lover should remember.

1. Rolex watches as the best birthday gift

Jessi Klein, a head writer for Inside Amy Schumer, shares a story on GQ about buying her husband a birthday gift for his forty-fifth birthday. She stated that Rolex watches are the “engagement rings for men.” If every woman feels overjoyed about diamond rings, it precisely gives the same amount of feeling to a man receiving a watch. It is a fair comparison that I would agree that Rolex make incredible birthday gifts. However, there are some limitations when it comes to buying someone a Rolex.

Firstly, you need to consider your budget. Rolex carries a high price that ranges from less than $10,000 to upwards of $100,000. You must check your finances first before making the decision to give one as a gift. One of the most crucial parts in buying a watch as a gift for someone is, selecting the right model as it can make a huge difference between a watch that lasts a lifetime and a watch that goes for an exchange from the dealer.

So, the main difference between an engagement ring and Rolex is this – when you give someone an engagement ring, it marks a very significant occasion in that someone’s life and to you. Meanwhile, giving a watch to someone, may it be a girl or a man’s watch can mark many different occasions or events. It can be a celebration of the achievement in a job, success in an ideal relationship or to honor an advancement in career. Any person would be happy to receive a Rolex as a birthday gift but just make sure that when you give one as a gift, you are in no doubt that it is a watch that they will never want to take off. After all, a luxury timepiece is meant to last a lifetime where anyone can pass it down to future generations.

2. A Rolex watch is a good investment

When it comes to investment, it takes a real expertise to make real money. There are numerous of choices to choose from on where you should invest your money. One great deal to spend it is on luxury watches. So, if you are interested in a luxury watch that will hold its value for a lifetime, choose Rolex. More precisely, stick to the most popular models: the Submariner, the Deepsea, and the Daytona. The value of these models rises effortlessly and as smooth as a piece of cake.

Rolex Submariner Rolex Deepsea Rolex Daytona

A lot of people care about Rolex which means it could be a better investment than many other luxury brands. Rolex is exquisite in holding their price throughout the years which creates a cycle – they are excellent in maintaining their price which results to more people valuing them, and when more people appreciate them, they go much better in keeping their price. In this cycle, we can partly say that a lot of individuals value Rolex.

Rolex Oyster Dials

3. Rolex lasts forever

There are a few lists of products that many people perceive as the products that last forever. A lot of people buy them with the intent of passing it down to their future generations. You can buy one either from a local watch store or from an online watch store. Moving on, the most common product in the lists are the luxury watches like Rolex. Just like any other tangible things that humans can have, mechanical watch buyers or owners should never forget that these timepieces require an enormous amount of maintenance to function accurately and efficiently. You must change your car’s engine oil at prescribed intervals to avoid dysfunctionality and to bypass future severe mechanical failure. The same rules appeal to the gears of an automatic watch. Most watches only need to be maintained every few years though these routine services are the primary key to assuring that your Rolex is still ticking decades or a century from now.

Taking care of your rolex

Moreover, making the watch rest in a drawer reduces the longevity as the watch’s oils settle in some divisions and fail to lubricate other surfaces of the watch. Like any fine and luxury watch, a mechanical Rolex watch will hold an accurate time for over a hundred years, provided that you maintain the timepiece’s movement.

Finally, I want to point it out that despite these three remarkable things about Rolex, I still encourage you to be true to yourself. What I mean is, if you can afford a Rolex, then get one or two or as many as you can. If you are on a tight budget and wants to gift a Rolex for a beloved one, then there are ways to achieve that such as saving loads of money.

People often judge a person’s wealth based on the things that he or she wears and owns. Owning a Rolex should not only limit for a show-off but also would help you channel to the better version of yourself. A lot of people buy expensive things because they feel more confident when they wear it or others feel something uplifting along with the other personal reasons they have. I hope everything that goes to owning an expensive thing should not put humility in negligence.

People will always say something to whatever you do or to whatever you wear but what’s important is what you feel and that you know in yourself that you’re not stepping someone else’s dignity just for you to be happy. Lastly, I believe that when you are confidently beautiful with a heart, every expensive thing that you can own is just a bonus in your life.

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