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Patek Philippe Watch – Quality and Maintenance

Patek Philippe is one of the famous watch brands that is known for its outstanding designs together with its innovation and technology when it comes to their timepieces. A Swiss watch manufacturer from Geneva and the Vallée de Joux is known to produce over 53,000 watches every year, and the Phillymag can confirm this since they interviewed Thiery Stern, the current President of Patek Philippe. Every Patek Philippe watch has its unique design no matter how different the collection is from one another. The Swiss company has intricate watch designs which made them fall under a complicated timepiece, and this is a serious matter for Patek Philippe as the company named one of its collections known as the Grand complications.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications is a collection of timepieces that claim to have the most complicated and desired watches. The Swiss watch company gathered a massive effort in creating a one and long lasting masterpiece which is the watches from the Grand Complication series, and the collection itself is for both men and women. The minute details carry a beauty that makes the craftsmen’s work so difficult to put into words. When it comes to the women’s collection, it is reasonably exquisite and fair enough to satisfy the longing of women to wearing complicated timepieces that are a general preference at present.

Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5140P-013 Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5204P-011 Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5304R-001 Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5374P-001

The Swiss company has another enthralling work that is in the notion of the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar. It is a mesmerizing creation of the company that is also a collection of timepieces just like the Grand Complication series. The Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar collection is useful when it comes to recording the date and time. The watches in the Perpetual calendars group are designed in a more refined and in a more concise manner compared to the Grand Complications collection. These watches are the Patek Philippe perpetual pieces as labeled due to its craftsmanship which also made these timepieces look so exquisite that will surely get a lifetime admiration from people.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 18kt Rose Gold Brown Leather Men's Watch Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar 5327R-001

Another example of expert watchmaking is the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar. These are the watches that can extraordinarily measure time at a precise moment. What makes this line of timepieces as the most exact time to measure is its ability to have the rate of 20, 000 beats that they can measure per hour. The main difference of these Annual calendar watches from the other Patek Philippe series is in the look and feel of the design but still modeled on the same watch engineering for the rest of the Patek Philippe collection.

Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5146J-001  Patek Philippe Ladies Annual Calendar Complicated Watches Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5205R-010

Moreover, Patek Philippe, being known for having the most complicated timepieces had added an extra day to February when leap years happen that leads to the company and ended up with 33 mechanical complications in total. So, in case you own one sought Patek Philippe watch, then you may be a very wealthy individual or just lucky enough since these timepieces are auctioned off to the theme of million dollars at the superior auction houses in the world, as reported by CNN.

Let us get to know the four important things when it comes to the maintenance of a Patek Philippe watch.

1. Service

If you are a huge fan of wristwatches, you probably have mastered and learned the art and engineering when it comes to taking care of watches. If that is the case, you can see yourself as a watch guru and can rely on yourself in repairing any technical concerns of your wristwatch. Otherwise, you must know that any timepiece must undergo some service for every couple of years which precisely includes the mechanical devices and bear in mind that they are not in the exclusion list of failure.

2. Go to an authorized repair shop

In addition to the service, it is better if you go to an authorized repair shop most especially if you have no idea in any mechanical duties. Make sure that you fully trust the repair man who will handle your precious timepiece and that they have the genuine parts of the watch that need in fixing.

3. Mechanical device

Most of these timepieces have a crystal that is inside the mechanical device. So, be keen enough to recognize that the part that needs replacement must also be the same crystal. Do not replace any other form of crystal like sapphire if you encounter a plastic crystal. Why? It is because plastic crystal does not hold an extra value on your timepiece. It is better for you to stick with the genuine and original parts and you must take note that those genuine parts were chosen carefully by the company’s craftsmen.

4. Watch’s leather

Do not take the leather strap of your watch for granted. Always think the place’s humidity to where you want to keep it. If you own a watch that has a leather strap, one thing to always remember is not to let it directly hit the sunlight for it will weaken the leather’s natural strength and might lead to a chap. Be cautious enough about the solutions in maintaining leather as well.

These are the four important things to remember when it comes to taking care of a Patek Philippe timepiece. Be vigilant about these four things and your Patek Philippe watch will deliver its elegance and work. Also, another reminder is not to sell your precious timepiece without having sufficient knowledge of its appraisal value. A Patek Philippe watch is a great heirloom piece as long as it is properly maintained for surely it will remain with the family for many generations.

Patek Philippe watch is indeed one of the most expensive timepieces ever to exist until now. So, if you are planning on buying one, make sure that your chosen watch fits your budget and lifestyle. Most top brands from Patek Phillipe starts from $300 and above. If you are mindful enough about these, this will help you narrow your search. because a lot of other watch companies are offering a various range of timepieces.

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