Best Tissot Watches for Women

Watches for women has turned to be a hot fashion accessory that requires being recognized. Starting from its large, eye-catching dials, and its sparkling galore.  For some women, investing in luxury watches will satisfy their goal. So, this is why the Luxurious Watch Review team chose five Tissot watches for women to be in our top 5 list. To learn more about the Tissot brand and how we come up the list together, just read on this page.

1. Tissot T-Touch Lady Solar

During the year 2013, Tissot marked its future in the watchmaking industry with the launching of the world's first tactile solar timepieces. A sparkling gem such as the Tissot T-Touch Lady Solar has a solar panel that is carefully placed and hidden behind the touch screen dial with the anti-reflective coating which makes the digital display much clearer and readable. Also, this comes with multi-functions such as the compass, altimeter, chronograph, weather station, dual time zone, two alarms, backlighting, countdown, and perpetual calendar. It is designed flawlessly as a part of ecological and global approach wherein every single detail is checked meticulously. Furthermore, this watch is polished and brushed in a 38mm case, made of a 316L stainless steel.

With its solar powered quartz mechanism, the battery has an EOL or end-of-life indicator which means it will warn the owner that the battery life is about to end.

Price when reviewed: $530.09

2. Tissot Women's T-Trend Diamond Accented Analog

Tissot announces its core concept with its T-Trend timepieces. One of which is the Tissot Women's T-Trend that has a high quality of craftsmanship bringing out the fashionable and trendy of this watch. It is embossed in a round shaped case with materials like the stainless steel.

The technology behind this watch lies within the quartz movement that is surely known for giving an accurate timekeeping. An inclusion of a chronograph technology is presented in this model that gives you the opportunity to explore time more beautifully. Furthermore, its sophisticated features also include a sapphire crystal glass that is scratch resistant and an excellent water resistance of 30 meters or 100 ft. The additional diamond-studded dials are designed to enhance the look of the timepiece.

Price when reviewed: $984.89

3. Tissot T-Touch II

Tissot sets the Tissot T-Touch as its flagship to sports watch. While other Tissot models have come and gone, the adored T-touch with its touch-sensitive crystal and sharp styling have remained the same.
Nevertheless, Tissot is focusing on the T-Touch II and is essentially canceling the old model. The T-Touch II has a larger LCD screen, more style options, and greater water resistance but the most significant added feature is the backlight as it has always been the most major problem with the original model, and this marked the improvement.

Furthermore, Tissot T-Touch II is quite thick with a diameter of 47mm wide. The rubber strap has a traditional touch that would blend with anything. The functions included a barometer, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. Special functions are presented in this model such as the additional time zones and unique settings that enable you to set up a climate zone and hemisphere for the accuracy of the altimeter readings. The water resistance is up to 100 meters or 330 feet but it is still not considered to be a diving watch since one of the requirements of the sensors is the access to the outside air for it to work.

Price when reviewed: $750.00

4. Tissot Luxury Automatic

Tissot partnered with ETA, their Swatch family sibling, to produce a new movement that falls under a budget-minded range of automatic timepieces. The Tissot Luxury Automatic for ladies is one of the new ranges. The technology used here is remarkable since ETA created a unique caliber that claims a substantial 80-hour power reserve.

The latest Powermatic 80 or also called as ETA CO7.111, is an automated three-hander with a date complexity that is capable of COSC(Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) accuracy. The movement is being fitted to the watches, and that makes the 80-hour power reserve notable.

Price when reviewed: $751.91

5. Tissot T-Race Danica Patrick

T-Race Danica Patrick is a watch that combines the sporty attitude and at the same time classy personality. This watch is dedicated to the only woman who won the popular IndyCar Series, Danica Patrick, who is also known as one of the ambassadors of Tissot. Furthermore, it has a Swiss quartz movement that provides an accurate set of functions such as the hour, minute, seconds, and date with an additional feature like the chronograph.

The most attractive detail on this timepiece is its magnifying lens that is oversized and is placed at the 3 o'clock position and is clearly seen in the date window. Its matte white dial plays a unique importance in this watch since it showcases 12 small diamonds set as the hour markers and the three subdials that display an accurate indication that is similar to a racing car's instrument panel. Furthermore, this is a limited edition but you have a higher chance of getting it from a gray market.

Price when reviewed: $977.49

Tissot Ambassador Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick wearing T-Race

The Luxurious Watch Review team chose these five Tissot watches for women to be on the top list for a reason of its advanced technology. Each timepiece mentioned above offers different functionalities, from an automatic watch to a solar watch and up to a sports watch where all of them function very well by its desired performance. These are luxury watches of Tissot that mirror well to the amount of quality and performance of these timepieces. You get what you pay for, and that is a high-end craftsmanship. Also, their watches for men has the same level of craftsmanship.

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