Best Rolex Watches for Men

The Luxurious Watch Review team chose five Rolex watches for men to be in our top 5 list. Read on for you to learn more about the Rolex brand and to further understand how we put this list together.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Steel 116520

First and foremost, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, with a reference number 116520, is a luxury watch. It has the excellent Rolex craftsmanship and design you’d anticipate from Rolex. It does intend to send mixed signals such as the sporty elements and the sapphire crystal scratch resistant but not water resistant. However, if you want to look sporty indoors, this watch is an excellent choice.

From a horological view, the most exciting feature of the Rolex Daytona is the movement inside the classic case. The Rolex Caliber 4130 got its debut in 2000, succeeding the former Daytona Caliber 4030, which was placed on a modified Zenith caliber El Primero 400. With the 4130, Rolex ties an elite club composed of a handful of watch businesses that can claim to produce the movements for every watch they sell. The caliber 4130 uses a column wheel design just like the other high-end chronograph movements which would control and engage the functionality of the chronograph. Rolex uses an avant-grande vertical friction coupling for joining the column wheel func­tions. This distinct design feature is visible when the chronograph seconds hand is involved. The chronograph second-hand shows a smooth start and is free of the staggered movement so standard of other mechanical chronographs. This is not solely a more cosmetically appealing feature; more seamless chronograph hand means timekeeping with split-second accuracy. Furthermore, a ‘luxury’ watch wouldn't be a luxury watch unless it has an automatic movement. Surely, there are fine quartz watches out there, but for real luxury, you need to go with an automatic movement mechanism which this watch possesses. Also, it has a great touch of its screw down crown as it brings a refined touch to what would differently be a design that is a little too sporty.

The markers and hands are also coated with Superluminova to produce low-light clarity. The refined case, bezel and center links of the bracelet also attach to the atten­tion-getting quality of the Daytona. Notwithstanding the extremely polished finish, the tachymetric scale on the bezel rests calmly easy to read, even in direct sunlight.

Some Daytona critics would say that it is neither fowl nor fish since this model has a confusing juxtaposition of sporty fundamentals with its luxury design and label. Most of them are missing the point, and it is a luxury watch that has a sporty accent. You get both high definitions of a luxury watch with an impeccable label while projecting the sporty side of your personality.

Price when reviewed: $15,993.95

2. Rolex Datejust 41 126333

The Datejust 41 succeeds the Datejust II, which was poorly dimensioned. The dilemma with the Datejust II was that it relied on a movement designed for a tinier watch, despite being a giant watch. That began to an overly broad bezel and a date window that is excessive. Altogether of these design components threw the Datejust II off the scale.

Though it is difficult to pinpoint what rightly is fresh with the Datejust 41, the full look is, of course, much better. The new Datejust 41 has a similar size to the watch it succeeds, but the stability is much improved because the movement inside was produced from the area up to fit the 41mm case.

Going to the precise details, the bezel is pleasantly sized and so is the date window. In general, it feels properly sized, although it is still as old-fashioned or a timelessly incredible to be kind since.

Furthermore, the Datejust 41 case seems more refined thanks to lugs that diminish a little bit more, completing with a finer point. The steel case is remarkably well made just like the numerous other external elements of a Rolex timepiece. Rigid, robust and rated to 100m, the Oyster watch case is undoubtedly as good as it goes.

The same can be affirmed of the earnestly engineered Oysterclasp. Spring-loaded and especially well finished, even on the lower side, the Oysterclasp won’t win prizes for eternal beauty or design, but it’s a lovely piece of engineering.

More substantive is the caliber 3235 inside the Datejust 41. It is the second unit of Rolex’s next production movements to arise from the secretive Geneva giant; the first was the caliber 3255 in the Day-Date 40.

The caliber 3235 in the Datejust 41 possesses various features that enhance its usability and practicality, various of which were settled on the Day-Date 40. Invisible and tough to follow for the layman, such changes are a significant advancement in how a mechanical timepiece works and is used. To begin with, the caliber 3235 has a 70-hour power reserve or around three days. That means it can be removed on Monday and picked up again on Thursday without holding over those three days. That’s made achievable with a redesigned gear train such as the wheels that carry power from the power to the oscillator which works more efficiently, as well as a thin-walled barrel which indicates a higher mainspring can suit inside.

More efficiency increases come from the patented Chronergy escapement, a remodeled lever escapement that beats with 15% less power than a traditional escapement. Unlike most movements with date functions that must not be set in the hours before and after midnight, you can adjust the date on the Datejust at any time without upsetting the mechanism.

Price when reviewed: $10,240.00

3. Rolex Submariner Black Dial Ceramic Bezel Steel 116610LN

The Rolex Submariner began the dive watch rage that created those types of sport watches the most sought-after type of timepiece on Earth - and with its crown logo, the Rolex Submariner thematically controls over the lot. The Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN contains the Caliber 3135 automatic movements, highlighting the Rolex's latest Parachrom hairsprings and has a power reserve of around two days if fully wound. Furthermore, Rolex has the majority of their timepieces to be COSC Chronometer certified. The 3135 is as good as can be hoped for from approximately basic three-hand automatic movements. No one intrinsically purchases a Rolex for the movement, but at the same time, the movement doesn't lose much to be sought given the price and implied use.

Rolex states to have allowed the water-tight watch case with the Oyster. Real enough, they invented the first commercially exceptional water resistant timepiece with the Oyster. You would see the "Oyster" label on various Rolex items for this reason, although there is not a Rolex timepiece named the Oyster these days. It is a water resistant watch but of course, the Rolex Submariner is so much more than that. Freshly produced as a practical diver's timepiece in the year 1950, the Rolex Submariner has now improved its water resistance up to 300 meters and has an incredible design similar to the original. This scheme that combines sport and professional appearance is one of the essential factors to the model's victory. The Rolex Submariner has a smart dial but easy on the eyes. The black and white design is intended to extend a high contrast for easy readability. The lumed signs and hands are meant to make it easy to read in the dark. A diverse style of a minute and hour are there for legibility, and a unique figure for the 12 o'clock sign is meant to perform it simple to rationally determine the dial when gazing at it from the side.

Price when reviewed: $8,997.95

4. Rolex Explorer Oyster 214270BKASO

The Rolex Explorer has long reached as the entry level in the Rolex line of a group of watches, and it's comfortable-wearing charm, and brilliant scheme disguises its account as one of the brand’s most productive adventure mates. This recently renewed emphasis is a useful and practical nod to the Rolex Explorer’s origins as a sports timepiece and appends some much-needed sophistication to the contemporary plan.

While the reference number remains fixed as 214270, a closer look will suggest a substantial refresh versus the current generation that was proclaimed in 2010. The 2016 Rolex Explorer maintains the 39 mm sizing, and the case uses their 904L steel being a Rolex sports model. Also, the movement stays consistent with the operating a Caliber 3132 Superlative Chronometer, an automatic movement with 48 hours of power reserve, a Paraflex shock absorption and a Parachrom blue hairspring.

It doesn’t take much to interrupt the design with a minimum and function-driven artistic like that of the Rolex Explorer. The former version which was the 214270 up to Baselworld 2016 wore superbly, but some of the magic was mislaid with the move from the 36 mm with a reference of 14270 to 39 mm. The Rolex Explorer returns to the design and proportions of the 14250 with the new 214270.

This watch is intended for people who yearn to have a no-frills timepiece that provides them only the specific stuff they need. The plainness of this timepiece is only striking, with its silver-colored bracelet and case supporting this watch to stand out without being too annoying. Covered with a black dial that appears with luminous silver dials, it’s hard not to neglect it even from a range. Its functionality must impress more than any person who appreciates how a single-minded watch works despite the fact that this kind of timepiece does not have a chronograph function.

Price when reviewed: $5,690.00

5. Rolex Oyster Air-King 114200

Although frequently acknowledged as an “entry-level” option in the Rolex lineup as of its reasonable price tag, the Air-King nonetheless does not sacrifice on quality. It combines all the advanced technology, classic lines and supreme quality craftsmanship that are identical with the Rolex name. Amusingly, now acknowledged slight at 34 mm, its hefty yet sleek construction delivers it a hugely famous choice to this day for both men and women. It features Rolex’s fabulous in-house produced 3130 oysters perpetual, self-winding movement, created to provide the energy of natural wrist movements to render a strong root of power.

The Air-King will remain to run if moved at least once every 48 hours without demanding to be wound. The movement is lined in a 904L waterproof case with twin-lock screw crown. Also, the case is lightly brushed on the top, and highly-polished on the sides, providing it a very definite but distinct look. Rolex patents this “Oyster” cases design method. They carve the case from a thick piece of metal, rather than joining various pieces collectively. This guarantees it’s robust strength and helps with its water resistant abilities.

The Air-King is COSC certified and water resistant up to 100 meters or 300 feet. Simple and wearable, the Rolex Air-King is a timeless classic, combat sturdy and practical to the end. Going to its style, it has a versatile, elegant and understated design. An average might stare at your wristwatch, but won't say "Beautiful Rolex," because there is a big chance that they will not expect it to be a Rolex at all. This is the type of timepiece that sails under the radar but also releases an incredible quality of class.

Price when reviewed: $4,095.00

Respect is what the name Rolex commands. The Swiss company does not have to do anything much in persuading a watch collector that their latest products are worth saving for, seeking after, and desiring because of its long and storied history of manufacturing the finest and most sought after luxury timepieces. It would seem that Rolex only wishes in putting a label on a watch taking a life of its own among the watch connoisseurs with a decade after decade of its synonymity with luxury, superior quality and the best things in life. If you wish to get a Rolex watch at a discounted price, you might be interested in getting it from a gray market.

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