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Reasons, occasions and meanings to gift wrist watches


The advent of the mobile phone has lead to a drastic cut in the buying and wearing of wristwatches. The present generation thinks a watch is no longer necessary as they have a phone to tell the time.

However, don’t you think it’s rude fishing out a cell phone in the middle of a conversation to tell the time? I feel wristwatches are more convenient and classier way to keep a tab on time. All you need to do is to take a glance towards your wrist, and you already know the time. Events like a wedding, funeral or beach outing are some examples of where a wristwatch is the best way to check the time. It’s better to keep your phone concealed to such, and this is one of the benefits a wristwatch can offer.

I believe that people are knowledgeable enough about the advantages of having a wristwatch although others have their other reasons for getting one such as buying it as a gift to someone. For one, watches are functional as the military inspired them. They are very useful in the depths of the ocean, and as some are self-powered through motion or use minimal battery power, they last much longer than the 8 hours of your smart phone’s charge.

Watches aren’t built based on the latest technology; they are simple devices which keep track of the time for you. So you don’t end up checking your phone every few minutes for updates, messages, emails and Facebook shares as you do with a Smartphone. Moreover, if and when your cell phone runs out of battery, you can always depend on your watch for the time.

Signature style and craftsmanship
No accessory attracts as much attention as a classic watch does. This applies especially to men who have limited jewelry to wear. At the most, I get to wear stylish cuff links, my wedding band, and my cherished watch. I take pride in wearing my Rolex watch as it depicts my style, and I feel it reflects my masculinity too!

That why I believe in the saying “Boys check the time on their Smartphone while men look at watches.” A wristwatch is not just a watch, and there is more to that. It’s a work of art which artisans spent months designing complex technological pieces by hand.

Anyone can wear watches. Once you invest in a timepiece like Rolex, rest assured that you got years of companionship. It brings back memories, and you can gift it to your future generation for its heirloom qualities.

Creates relationships with time
I got a better time management because of my watch. It has a positive effect on my attitude to time, and I am more wary about how I spend my 24 hours. In fact, other than watches, the only obsession I and most men have, is for cars. However, maintaining a watch collection is much easier and cheaper than maintaining cars.

Meaning of watch gifts
Besides these many reasons for wearing, and gifting watches, did you know that there are different meanings for gifting watches to different people? If it’s a man gifting a woman a watch, it signifies their togetherness throughout the day; proclaiming that both of them remain together for every second of the day.

It also indicates that the man considers his woman to be so precious to him that he’s willing to bestow his valuable time to her. Moreover, whenever the woman looks at the watch, which she most likely wears throughout the day, she’s reminded of the man every day, hour, minute and second of the day.

A reminder
When a woman gifts a man a watch, she does it with the intention of telling her man that her time is his time, and his time is hers. Whatever time they spend together will be precious and meant for each other.
She may present the watch to her man to remind him of her whenever they are apart, and missing each other. It tells him that she’s thinking of him throughout the day, and forever waiting for him.

Gifting a watch to a friend indicates that you treasure the time you two had spent together, and want the watch to commemorate your long friendship. It also means that you mean the world’s happiness to your friend, and will always be there when they need a friend.

Adults gifting watches to a child may mean that the adult wants the child to learn to cherish and learn the value and beauty of time through the watch. I presented a watch to my child so that he would manage time better, and grasp knowledge better to become successful in life.

Occasions to gift watches
It’s a fact that people now look for timepieces from the birth year of someone they love to present as a birthday gift. It can be a 1950s Rolex Explorer or a 1970s Omega Speedmaster; there’s something for everyone.

The most common birth year watches that people buy are Rolex and Patek Philippe. Rolex as its serial number can be matched to the date year and Patek because collectors request extracts from their archives.

Many people gift watches at graduation signifying the end of an era, and a tool to use for the rest of their lives. There are so many watches to choose from; I choose my child’s graduation gift based on its strap color, it’s dial color and size and the aesthetics of the watch so that my gift matched his personality. I did this as I knew such a watch is a lifetime treasure.

A wedding is another occasion to gift a watch. It’s usually the bride or bride’s parents who gift a watch to the groom or new watches are made of his and her wedding gift sets for both the bride and groom. Many men consider to gift a watch for a wedding does justice for the event. They spend months looking for the right watch for his marriage.
Gifts are common gifts in the business world, usually presented to close a deal or to express friendship. Some even gift watches as thanks for the help rendered with a business deal.

No matter what your reason for gifting a wrist watch, remember that while other gifts may eventually get disposed of, watches last forever. Even cars don’t last forever, but watches are personal gifts which last the wearer’s lifetime. They will be treasured for many years as every time they check the watch, they are reminded of its significance.

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