Dress Solar Analog Display Japanese Quartz Two Tone (SUT128) Review

Women’s Dress Solar Analog Display Japanese Quartz Two Tone SUT128 Review

Women's Dress Solar Analog Display Japanese Quartz Two Tone SUT128



  • Solar-powered watch with 6 months reserve
  • Movement: Japanese-quartz
  • 5 mm case diameter
  • Water resistant to 100 m (330 ft)






  • This is a watch that you can have for everyday use
  • The design of this watch is for all occasions


  • This watch is a solar powered that will keep you from buying new batteries
  • The water resistant of this watch is also true since you can wear it in swimming or snorkeling but not in scuba diving
  • The numbers do glow in the dark which means you can read the time in your watch



  • It has the largest case diameter among similar Seiko Solar for women so perhaps it is not ideal for women who don’t like large looking face of a watch


  • Suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not scuba diving

Price when reviewed: $149.00

The Opinion of Our Watch Expert at Luxurious Watch Review

I believe that this kind of Seiko watch for women is one of the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones like your wife or your mother. If you are a husband who wants to surprise his wife on a special occasion like birthday or anniversary, this is a great deal that you can give to her. Your wife will feel like she’s very special to you since the look and feel of this watch will surely mirror to the said emotion.

Also, you will know that your wife is thinking of you since you have the watch on her wrist, looking so important and unique just like you, as her husband. If you are a daughter or a son, this elegant looking watch is great as a token of love to your mother. A lot of us are shy to show the love that we have for our parents especially to our mom and most of the time; we only grab the chance to show them our love during Mother’s day.

I believe it is ideal to give our moms a watch like Dress Solar Analog Display Japanese Quartz Two Tone on special events like Mother’s day; it has a touch of gold which will make them feel that our love for them is truly unconditional and for a lifetime. The final decision is still up to you. You are the one who knows the personality of your wife or your mom or any woman whom you wish to give this watch. If this watch matches to the personality of the people mentioned, you must consider this watch then.

If you are looking for a Seiko’s watch that is good for women who have small wrist, you can check Analog Display Japanese Quartz Brown.

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