Casio Watches That Younger Generation Would Admire

Casio is a Japanese company founded by engineer Tadao Kashio in the year 1946, after the World War 2. Formerly, Casio focused on cigarette holders then moved on to calculators after a few years. The Japanese company began to produce its first wristwatch in the 1980s and around the same time, they also started selling calculator watches.

When Casio began with watches, they installed mini-calculators in the dial that brought a massive hit in their heyday. These Casio watches prominently gave an attraction to teachers and students too. Later, the Japanese company continually produce Casio timepieces in a different style with a touch of innovation.

Casio offers a variety of collections and editions of their watches that would give its users different time zones, weather details in various places with a built-in thermometer and barometer that could set the alarm, etc. The Japanese company launched its exclusive Casio watch collection for mountain climbers that feature its capacity to display the altitude together with time. Also, they have a collection of watches that could read the radio signals. They are the wave ceptors, which has a feature that keeps the right time continuously.

Nowadays, Casio is still making its move beyond all of these products and still makes products of the future. These combine high-quality digital cameras and the mobile phones of tomorrow but even with the presence of these innovations, Casio still aims to produce wristwatches that are appealing to both teenagers and adults alike. Let us get to know several examples of Casio watches that the younger generation would admire.

1. Casio Go Green Solar Pathfinder Rubber Men’s Watch Special Edition

One trait that is most known for Casio watches is its bright and exciting color designs on their timepieces. What better way can you suggest in styling your look than having a colorful watch that also sends an inspiring message at the same time? You both show off your sense of style and involvement to the environment with the Casio Go Green Solar Pathfinder Rubber Men’s Watch Special Edition.

Casio Go Green Solar Pathfinder Rubber Men's Watch Special EditionCasio Go Green Solar Pathfinder Rubber Men's Watch Special Edition

This Casio watch is about going green, both in looks and in action. The metaphorical “green” viewpoint of this watch indicates the solar powered Pathfinder technology, and this timepiece uses a solar power cell that collects the indirect and direct light. You don’t need to be standing out in the sun just to power this watch. Moreover, the solar cell in this timepiece powers a rechargeable battery which promotes the reliability of the quartz movement. Also, the watch will go into a power save mode when you’re away from a light source for an extended period or if you keep your watch in your drawer for a while.

Another green feature of this timepiece is its long-running battery, and as mentioned, you don’t need to worry about getting a new one since it recharges but batteries still wear out even if they are rechargeable. The surprising thing about this battery is that its longevity lasts for about three decades.

This timepiece is acknowledged quickly by its bright green rubber case combined with its aesthetic features that have a mixture of green and silver-tone function pushers that adds contrast taste to the case. A hard mineral crystal protects the auto EL backlit dial, and it features a broad range of convenient services such as an alarm, a power reserve bar, a countdown timer, a chronograph, and indications of the day, a week, and a month.

Amazingly, the features of this incredible timepiece don’t stop from there. It also has a barometer, a thermometer, a digital compass and an altimeter. This timepiece is not just green. It has a technological bounce into the future. If you want to feel the vision of the future, then this Pathfinder Go-Green Edition is something that you should consider.


2. Casio Women’s Runner Series Digital Quartz Multifunction with Green Rubber Strap

In today’s generation, a lot of teenagers might think that they don’t need a wristwatch because they can know the time by looking at their mobile phone. Although there are some people like joggers, who know that it is much easier and more convenient to have a watch on their wrist that will keep track of not only the time but including all other areas while jogging.

Casio Women's Runner Eco-Friendly Digital Watch                     Casio Women's Runner Eco-Friendly Digital Watch

The Casio Runner Series are not only meant as an ideal part of a run but also offers a fashion statement. This timepiece has sort all of functions that give benefits to both runners and non-runners. The first feature that runners would enjoy is the countdown timer. You can set this for times starting from one minute for a quick spring to 150 hours for an immense marathon. Also, it comes with a 1/100 second stopwatch, pace signal, a measuring and memory capability, and has a full calendar until 2039 which is already pre-programmed.

Together with these highly advanced timepieces, Casio watches also include other types such as the regular watches with leather and steel bracelets that come in assorted sizes and colors. Furthermore, Casio offers the different dials like the Casio-G Shock, the men’s watch and the Casio Baby-G Shock Watches for women where everyone can use both casually or for work. These kinds of Casio watches are suitable for people who are not in need to purchase watches with advanced technology.

G-Shock Master of G GWG1000-1A3 Baby-G BA110GA-7A1 Baby-G BG169G-7B G-Shock G-Steel GSTS100D-1A4

Casio Watches comes at a reasonably affordable price most especially the simple and classic style of their timepieces. However, the more the features and the more advanced the technology is on their watch, the higher is the price of Casio Timepieces. Favorably, the Japanese company has a huge variety of Casio timepieces so that they can always accompany all the need of a customer in a watch at an affordable price.

Casio made a huge mark in the watchmaking business and is continuously moving towards a much bigger success with their unique blend and high-quality material and advanced technologies. The Casio watches brings of style and elegance, yet classic and natural looks with different prices that attract any potential buyer or watch lover.

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