Best Seiko Watches for Men

The Luxurious Watch Review team chose five Seiko watches for men to be in our top 5 list. Read on for you to learn more about the Seiko brand and to further understand how we put this list together.

1. Seiko Stainless Steel Automatic Dive SKX173 

The SKX173 model can be associated with those classic 90′ dive models. Former owners will tell you that not much have changed since then. Still, the Japanese company managed in maintaining their good active leisure timepiece is reliable, looking cool and displays time fairly accurate. It has 21-jewel automatic winding movement, which means that it does not require any battery since it "recharges” by the wrist's movement.

The automatic movement is not so accurate as the quartz ones since it is unbalanced -3 to 4 seconds per day in this case. However, it is excellent for an automatic movement. Now, going more now on the things that are paramount for divers. It has an exquisite luminosity. It uses an organic luminous material called Lumibrite that ensures readability in the dark. The luminescent material is charged by the exposure to sunlight or any other light.

The crown guard of this model is one of the greatest designed decisions made on such. It was made quite precisely in order not to snag on anything. By this comes very close case and excellent sealing system that prevents movement from any damage. Honestly speaking, it 's hard to find something wrong about this model. It has its image, aspects — someone can only criticize those things.

Having involvement with older Seiko models, it shows that the Japanese company keeps tradition to make long-term, high quality, and durability timepieces. Seiko SKX173 is an excellent watch with a reasonable value.

Price when reviewed: $225.00

2. Seiko Gold-Tone Stainless Steel SGF206

The case measures 8 mm thick and 37 mm in diameter. Long life and durable mineral crystal protect the timepiece from scratches. The colors being used in this watch offer a high contrast. The subdials are pale blue although the main dial has a dark blue shade. The combination gives this watch look classy. This is a timepiece you can use for years to come. This strap in this Seiko is 17 millimeters wide and created from gold-tone stainless steel. This face window uses hard flex helping scratch resistant to the face. This dial coloring is gold to check the actual gold-tone stainless steel strap and gold-tone stainless steel bezel. It’s a Seiko watch that has a gold-tone stainless steel strap and gold-tone stainless steel case making it as an excellent Seiko men's watch with gold strap color.

Furthermore, it has water resistant up to 99 feet, and that is a good function for those who love to play water sports. A comfortable and flexible band that also displays with analog type and using Japanese quartz for movement. Secure watch so there’s no need to worry about any minor damages. It has a luminous functionality, so reading time in the dark is not a problem.

Price when reviewed: $138.98

3. Seiko Dress Solar Black Stainless Steel SNE325

The SNE325 has a sleek design featuring a link bracelet and black ion-plated stainless steel case. Closing the dark tone collection is a black dial that shows an eye-catching sunburst design. On it are exposed the tapered hour indices in gunmetal hue, matching the shade of the hour, minute and second hands. A four-sided opening near the 3rd-hour marker displays the date in white. Encircling the dial is a fixed bezel made of black ion-plated stainless steel.

Price when reviewed: $133.98

4. Seiko Stainless Steel Solar-Powered SNE031

Seiko SNE031 is an uncomplicated, solar-powered, analog timepiece. It presents the time such as the second, minute and hour, the day of the week, and day of the month certainly in daylight. The watch face is attractive and easily readable. It isn't apparent that the face doubles as a solar collector. The minute and hour hands are slightly luminescent, so you can almost read the time in the dark.

Being analog, it is thicker than most all-digital wrist watches. Also, it does not have any idea on the number of days there are in a month. So, you should manually adjust the date change-over for months with lesser than 31 days which is easy to do. The metal watchband can be adjusted a little bit, but not much.
There is no AM or PM indicator. You should first set the weekday or date to the previous day then advance the hands until the day or date advance in setting the date time. In this way, you will know that the time is AM.

Price when reviewed: $88.57

5. Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch SNK809 

The SNK809 comes with the 7S26 movement, an entirely in-house automatic movement. They can go for 20 years without service while keeping a precise time. It’s quite fun now and then in taking off your watch and just see that gears go round.

Its dial has a plain, uncomplicated design to it, getting back to the fundamental of watch craftsmanship which is admirable to see. The dial design of the SNK809 does have a clever feel to it, everything looks very organized, and it utilizes luminous labels every 5 minutes that make it extra relaxed to read in dim lit situations.

Another typical Seiko design feature is the crown at the 4 o’clock position. Manual winding was not necessarily required because of the initiation of the automatic movement and the use of the crown is not that needed anymore. Seiko put the crown at the 4 o'clock position instead of the traditional 3 o'clock position because it wears more comfortable and doesn't bore into your skin that much. Most aviator watches come with huge crowns as well while the SNK809 comes with a small recessed crown.

The SNK809 presents itself as a daily watch considering that it is durable, reliable and functional. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters so it can withstand a few water splashes. Also, it appears with lume on the hands and the hour markers.

The case is manufactured of steel and has what seems to be a bead boomed finish. A gentle impact is that the strap's hardware has the same finish. The matte appearance suits the army styling of the timepiece very well. Another tip is that it is not that apt to fingerprints or scratches.The overall finish of the watch is very good, as can be expected from a Seiko of course.

Price when reviewed: $74.38

Times and tastes change, but the Seiko watches above are picks among middle-class men for a series of reasons. What brings these timepieces for men together is a mixture of durability and inimitable style. However, they're pretty different, and if you're looking for the end-of-year or perfect holiday watch, these classic watches are ones to consider when it comes to the gift that can last a lifetime. Aside from that, quality time keeping is the essence of design collection of Seiko for women.

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