Best Longines Watches for Women

The Luxurious Watch Review team chose five Longines watches for women to be in our top 5 list. Read on for you to learn more about the Longines brand and to further understand how we put this list together.

These finely conceived watches are sure to enchant the onlookers with their exquisite finesse along with the eternal value. These timepieces remain to be a timeless beauty with the only enhancement done is the modern day technical accuracy. So, they are a timeless elegance, yet are up-to-date with the current day mechanics which are surely going to come in handy for even the most cultured moments.

1. Longines Agassiz L4.307.9.81.0

Rough yet delicate is the perfect definition of this timepiece. It is rough because of its leather band and delicate at the same time because of its case embezzled with fine sapphires. This Longines Agassiz L4.307.9.81.0 timepiece is a classic Longines watch. Its band is made up of Alligator leather making it a comfortable choice for working women. It is very classy to wear with any fashion style. It features a mother of pearl dial with black hands and Roman numeral hour markers and its case are exquisitely encrusted with beautiful sapphire crystals.

Its leather strap gave the timepiece an appealing classic look that resembles versatility and edge. It’s lighter than that of a metal strap and this is perfect for almost all occasions and formal gatherings. Any Longines timepiece is perfect for any activity since it’s fueled by scratch resistant case window.

Roughly and delicately perfect for either your African safari or your everyday fashion style—whatever it is. It can be both rough and delicate just as how its face looks like.

Price when reviewed: $5,700.00

2. Longines La Grande Classiqe  L4.515.0.97.6

Longines La Grande Classiqe L4.515.0.97.6 is a silver stainless steel band timepiece with blue dial. Its case is embezzled with Wesselton VVS diamonds. Its round shape beautifully compliments the intricate crystal design in its case. Its blue dial ensemble makes it a classic choice for women regarding style. It is versatile that it would perfectly compliment any of your taste in clothing. It is precisely intricate regarding design since it has diamonds in its case—making it much more elegant.

This timepiece is precise in terms of function since it only has the hour and minute. It is suitable for formal social functions because of its classy appeal. The fold-over clasp with double push-button safety makes it easy to wear without the fear of it slipping down from the wrist. Though metal bands are a bit heavy on the wrist, this timepiece is just worth the weight to carry.
This is gorgeously suitable for your shopping day. With its hour markers being diamonds, this would remind you that every hour of your shopping day is as fabulous as each hour marker of your timepiece.

Price when reviewed: $4, 229.00

3. Longines Elegant Collection L4.309.5.57.7

Chic and Classy are the two best words to describe this timepiece. The combination of rose gold and silver in Longines Elegant Collection L4.309.5.57.7 watch’s case and band is elegantly designed to achieve a chic style. It is made up of rose gold and stainless steel, and it features a jet black dial that strikes the eyes. Not only does it suit to young women but almost all age brackets. It doesn’t have that intricate crystal details, but it gives the same appeal because of its classic two-tones.

This timepiece has all the necessary functions a women’s watch should have. The presence of the date in this watch adds an intricate detail required to female workers. However, contrary to what I said about it suits almost all ages brackets the elder women would have to disagree because its hour markers is a bit too small for more senior women who may have difficulties in their vision but nevertheless, this timepiece is one with a true timeless beauty.

Its two-tone suggests dual personalities. Meaning you can wear it in a wedding or in a corporate event. You can sport either a dainty or an executive look with this chic and classy timepiece. Just a reminder to purchase this watch from a trusted dealer.

Price when reviewed: $2,247.00

4. Longines Dolce Vita L5.512.0.71.6

Its simplicity adds a little bit more to its classy appearance; Longines Dolce Vita L5.512.0.71.6 is a classy silver watch that comes in a rectangular case shape that is made up of polished stainless steel and it has a scratch-resistant case window with unbreakable 46 Wesselton VVS diamonds and its bracelet with the same polished stainless steel. Its Roman numeral hour markers are just perfectly visible—it would suit almost all age brackets.

At first glance, the Roman numeral hour markers may look a bit overwhelming, but it comes with the purpose of perfect visibility so that I would suit the need of the young and old women who wish to wear this luxurious and glamorous timepiece. One good thing this watch offers is its totally classic and simple look that cannot be undermined. It’s this timepiece’s simplicity that adds more to its beauty.

This is perfect for your day out with your girlfriends. Its simplicity will give you an avenue to sport a dashing outfit without being overthrown by your luxurious Longines timepiece.

Price when reviewed: $2,970.00

5. Longines Symphonette L2.306.0.71.0

Longines Symphonette Medium Steel & Diamond Womens Strap Watch L2.306.0.71.0 is an oval-shaped timepiece in silver case and in alligator leather band. It features silver guilloche dial set with blue hand indicators. The black leather band is a classic and casual making it a timepiece that suits to all occasions and ages.

If you want that one timepiece that would go with any fashion style that you want to pull off, this Longines Symphonette Medium Steel & Diamond Womens Strap Watch L2.306.0.71.0 is the answer. Its classic and casual look can go with your outfit whatever it is.

Price when reviewed: $3, 259.22

Longines has always been very persistent in providing you your perfect luxury timepiece that suits not only your taste but your personality. Who says you have to adjust your style because of the watch you wear? Let that watch fit perfectly on your wrist by its timeless beauty and versatility.

These are the five Longines luxurious timepieces best for women. They are chosen above all others because they cater a wide variety of women and their style from the young to the elderly and from dainty styles to the rough ones. Furthermore, they are impeccably timeless and luxuriously beautiful just perfect for you. Longines does not only impress women with their timepieces but also the men.

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