Best of Citizen Watches for Men

The Luxurious Watch Review team chose five Citizen watches for men to be in our top 5 list. Read on for you to learn more about the Citizen brand and to further understand how we put this list together.

Citizen Watches for Men

Citizen watches for men have been a way to reflect the style of the professional male. No matter what the occasion is, may it be in a business casual or in full suit and tie. These watches from Citizen do increase the attractiveness and class of the attire that is being worn.

1. Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium Perpetual Chrono A-T AT4010-50E

Paying close attention to details, possessing the needed tools to stay in control, the ability to make appropriate decisions that require actions are just some of the impressions you produce with the Citizen AT4010-50E Titanium Dress Watch. There are so plenty of ways that you can create an incredible impression of the dress watch. You can make use of the lavish angle and just entirely bowl people over with gem-studded watches. You can produce a distinctive impression on the other end of the spectrum through packing a lot of measurement and timekeeping technology into a compact steel and high figure.

The overall impression that one would get from this timepiece is that it is worn by men who are in power. Why? It is because they have the needed tools in taking the necessary measurements in making informed decisions. The fact that they need such an extensive range of measures means that they are surely people on the go. Create no mistake about it, this watch sends out many possible signals and makes you look good in an extended range of circumstances. Whether you find yourself in a corporate board room, an expensive restaurant, a courtroom, or lounging in your home’s large lanai, the AT4010-50E offers you a great look yet ready for action.

All the credits to the Japanese quartz technology and analog display, there is nothing "inexpensive" looking for this unit. You have various displays, containing a tachometer, all included in a compact and indoor-friendly information. Let me tell you that this balance is difficult to pull away. It is too easy to design a timepiece that is so busy or seems like it's trying too hard. You do not get that impression with the Citizen AT4010-50E.

There is nothing to worry about this timepiece if you find yourself in the dark. If you wish of needing to clock the speed of anything, this timepiece has you wrapped. Also, you can tap the unit's radio control feature if you want an ultimate control. Make no mistake about it; Citizen has you covered with this watch. Its unique characteristics do not look like they were hit together at the last minute. Rather, you get a tightly configured useful set of abilities within a great looking deal.

Whether you are in a hard court shooting hoops, in a boardroom creating a presentation, or at a classy restaurant, this watch won’t let you down. Your ruggedness and love of the outdoor still show through by this great men’s watch and fashion accessory.

Price when reviewed: $525.00

2. Citizen Eco-Drive Nighthawk Stainless Steel CA0295-58E 

The Citizen Nighthawk is another unique timepiece that has a bold and aesthetic design that stand out. The watch is completely black and highlights a Japanese quartz movement system, a fully functional chronograph and an Eco-Drive system that is serviced by light and never needs a battery for energy. It is truly a jack of all trades kind of a watch as it plays versatility since it can be used in a lot of circumstances.

Regarding its functionality, this Citizen Nighthawk is a reliable timepiece that was obviously built with both durability efficiency in mind. The watch has an ion-plated stainless steel form making sure that it will survive fairly anything you throw at it. Both the body and band are stainless which the band features a conventional fold-over clasp with a safety double push-button function to make sure it would never accidentally slides off your wrist. When it comes to its durability, it does not feel so overbearing or bulky as it weighs 0.3 pounds or 6.08 ounces. Thus, it is very comfortable to wear as well.

To sum it all up, the Citizen Nighthawk is a very reliable timepiece that would suit to you well if you are looking for a watch in the high-end marketplace without going broke. The all-black color design will certainly be divisive depending on the kind of style that you want, but this watch is the perfect one for you if that's your thing. As mentioned, it has a well-constructed mechanism that comes with a wholly functional chronograph and the various features incorporated into it.

Price when reviewed: $356.25

3. Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver Black Sport BJ8050-08E 

This Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver watch is not only powered by a standard battery but by a photo energy converting to electrical energy. The secondary battery of this watch, which is a clean energy battery that doesn't contain a toxic chemical like mercury, is used for storing electrical energy.

The timepiece will continue to function for about six months once fully charged without extra charging. Ensure that it is constantly recharged before it stops for in using it more conveniently. It also has an overcharge prevention function, so, there is no worry for you on the risk of overcharging. What makes this watch an excellent diver's watch is its fully equipped eco-drive movement, Caliber B873. The watch's screw down locking crown is employed to improve its water resistance and withstands depths to 300m. Also, it integrated helium gas release which makes it suitable for the most demanding diving situations. An additional feature includes a non-reflective mineral crystal, 180-Day Power reserve that charges in sunlight or indoors.

Price when reviewed: $245.00

4. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver with Blue PU Band BN0151-09L

Another Citizen model that stands out in the eco-drive market is the Promaster Diver Watch that comes decorated with a solar battery and is adapted to wet surroundings, ideal for diving. The design hardly needs any words to describe it. It is an excellent watch with a clean stainless steel case and the polyurethane strap and the beautiful parallel dark blue navy colors for the dial. There are some relatively aligned indentations around the unidirectional rotating bezel, and the crown is located at 4 o’clock easy to obtain, and it’s also exquisitely carved. Citizen apparently paid a lot of attentiveness to details for this model. It has a distinctive look, thick hands and clear marking that boosts up the readability.

The light is on par with any of the more expensive dive timepieces. It has a softer refinement of blue on the markers and hands and green for the 12 o’clock marker. Another great aspect for divers and experts alike is the durability. The BN0151-09L Promaster feels very sturdy and with the mineral crystal display is sure to stand remarkable serious defeats. Plus worth discussing is the water resistance, its boundary being at 200 meters. The fact that this is a solar powered watch that serves convenience since there is no need for battery replacement. It is indeed a great diver's watch that is also suited for daily use since it is a practical and versatile watch.

Price when reviewed: $167.00

5. Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel with Leather Band BM8240-03E

A simple dial design is the first thing to notice in the Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch for it brings an uncluttered smart feel. There are date and day displays. However, the dial does not have any luminescent feature so it would be a little harder to read in the dark. It is a little smaller when it comes to the sizing compared to the larger timepieces you can see today. It has a 36mm casing diameter with a 9mm thickness. Ideal for men who prefer small watches.

The watch's strap is made with black leather with meticulous alligator accent. The classic black design is very elegant and classy which can be worn with any outfit. The watch's face has an excellent design as it only has twelve, eight and four numbers on the watch's dial. This special feature delivers a joined watch's charm. The watch's dial is easily readable and eye-catching. The day and date of the week are visibly set in fonts that are readable in just a glance. Furthermore, the mixture of a leather band and light material improves the overall look of the watch.

The black leather band of this Citizen watch gives comfort and ease to the wearer. It can be a daily wear for its durability and its casual and simple look. Its eco-drive movement is an innovative yet economical characteristic of the timepiece. The power-saving mechanism of the watch through solar light or indoor light provides you much advantage because you will never need to replace the battery.

Price when reviewed: $101.50

Being one of most famous watch brands, Citizen is the affordable watch to gift for anyone and any occasion. The timepieces of this Japanese company always carry the quality and durability as their trademark, no wonder they go well with any dress from expensive, sporty, elegant, powerful, to the uniform. There are a lot of memories that we all associate with Citizen right from the first watch to wear to the watch most gifted globally. There is something classic and eternal about it. Plus, it is recognized as an eco-friendly watch since most of their watches do not require the battery change. Let us not forget the girls, Citizen also offer watches for her.

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