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Baume & Mercier Top Collection For Women and Their Features

The flagship of heritage, art and quality, the Baume & Mercier has been devoutly committed to excellence in watch manufacturing since 1830. Indeed, the Baume & Mercier watches do not limit only as one of the pride in Swiss horology but also turned into an inspiration for the rest of the watchmaking companies. The Baume & Mercier collections are appealing in simple and complicated watches for men and women. However, they are both available for any leisure wear and suitable to be worn for any occasion. The Swiss company enjoys an exceptional account for its excellent quality timepieces and incredible craftsmanship. From time immemorial, Baume and Mercier have been acknowledged for providing premium quality of watches and have passed on the art of precise horology from one generation to another.

With its unique knowledge and phenomenal expertise in producing watches for women, the Swiss company has raised the feminine charm in the ladies’ watches and function as incentives to expand their fashion sense. Also, their superior quality and refined designs represent the benchmarks in the watch industry.

The variety of Baume & Mercier watches for women includes a high number of collections such as the following:

• Linea Collection

Speaking of a feminine charisma, the Linea Collection from Baume and Mercier Watches for women is the best symbol for that. The watches from this collection have stainless straps and round dials which made them known for this kind of element of style. The watch movement in this collection falls under the quartz chronograph plus its durability is undoubtedly bizarre since the watches are made in an anti-glare dial window material and a sapphire crystal which offers a scratch-resistance formula.

Baume & Mercier Linea Automatic Steel & Rose Gold Ladies Watch         Baume & Mercier Linea 10036 Silver Dial Ladies Watch                Baume & Mercier Linea M0A10114 Steel & Rose Gold Diamond Dot Ladies Watch

• Hampton Collection

The classic timepieces in the Hampton collection are the pride for modern women. Why? The Swiss company made the watch accessories commendable to having an everlasting feminine style. The watches come with a square dial, and the watch straps are either leather or metal. However, there are three collections of these dazzling timepieces that you can choose, namely as Hampton Classic, Hampton New and Hampton Square.

Indeed, the Hampton collection is the towering success of Baume & Mercier’s artistic creativity. With conventional rectangular and innovative square case, these watches showcase time in a simple yet stylish manner.

Baume & Mercier Hampton Silver Dial Steel and 18kt Rose Gold Ladies Watch Baume & Mercier Hampton Brown Dial Diamond 18kt Rose Gold Brown Satin Ladies Watch Baume & Mercier Hampton Silver Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Watch

• Riviera Collection

Another brilliant watch series of Baume & Mercier for women is the Riviera Collection. This collection has a unique, and innovative look. Moreover, it has an eye-catching feature which is the 12 ends for the clock’s 12 hours. The bands of these timepieces are made in 18k gold tone stainless steel with push-button clasp, and its water resistance is up to 50m.

• Diamant Collection

Bold and vigorous style statement are the qualities you can experience in the stylish timepieces of the Diamant Collection. This watch series are battery operated and got Quartz as the watch movement. Also, the bands of these watches are either leather or stainless steel plus its water resistance is up to 30 m.

Women who have the most passionate personality and are always on the go for fashion sense will never get to ignore the interesting and exotic models in this collection. One of the best examples is the gold and diamond studded Diamant timepieces that conveniently expose the Baume & Mercier image of prestige with proficiency.

Baume & Mercier Women's 8745 Hampton Milleis Quartz Watch Baume & Mercier Women's 8600 Diamant Steel and 18k Gold Watch Baume & Mercier Women's 'Diamant' Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Diamonds

You can find a lot of sources when buying a Baume & Mercier watch, however, you must ensure that you are getting it from a reliable dealer who would give you 100% assurance of your purchase. Moreover, the Baume & Mercier has a collection for both men and women as mentioned. So, the following are some of the features you can find in their watches:

1. Calendar

How easy would it be for the professionals and businessmen to have a watch that also has a calendar in it? Is it possible to have such? The answer is yes. It is possible for Baume & Mercier to manufacture such timepiece. Just think of a particular moment when you exert another effort in taking out your mobile phone when you want to find out what specific day is it going to be 15 days from now. The Swiss watchmaking company provided a solution for that by manufacturing a calendar in some of their timepieces. This is making things much easier for business-people and professionals.

2. Stopwatch

Another known feature of Baume & Mercier is their timepieces that comprise a stopwatch. For many professionals and athletes, this feature is very useful as well as it is also helpful in many ways in your daily routine.

3. Compass

If you go to an adventure or an unfamiliar place and you lose your way, there is nothing better than having a compass that can guide you through. Some of the Baume & Mercier watches can be a great friend and guide in moments like this.

4. Converter

A converter is also a feature in many of the Baume & Mercier watch models where it will help you convert the different measurements.

5. Calculator

Nobody would deny the significance of a calculator. Some Baume & Mercier watches contains a calculator to helping most of the professionals or business-people with their business budget or financial concern.

If you are searching for a perfect watch, make sure that you are aware of the kind of wrist you do have. If your wrist is in medium to large size, a watch with a wide strap may not look good on you, so it is much better to go for a watch with a narrower band. On the other hand, if you have a narrow or small wrist, choosing a watch with a wide band is the best fit since it will create an illusion of having a broader wrist.

As discussed, the Baume & Mercier offers different features in their timepieces, but all of their features may not be present in a single piece So, you must know what feature that is most helpful for you, to help you decide much easily on which watch you will choose.

Another important issue is practicality. When choosing a watch to buy, be mindful enough of your lifestyle and the environment of your daily routine and work. Also, make sure that the watch fits your budget. Don’t go into debt just because you want to please your luxury side.

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